Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021

Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021

India is a land of many brands. From established businesses to new startups, there are Indian brands in nearly every industry imaginable. And while some might argue that the country doesn’t have any world-renowned brands, the truth is that there are many Indian brands that are well known and respected around the globe. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 most valuable and strongest Indian brands in 2021. These are businesses that have made a name for themselves both at home and abroad. So whether you’re looking for a new investment or just want to know more about the most successful businesses in India, read on for our list of the top 10 most valuable and strongest Indian brands in 2021.


10. Jio

Jio’s Valuation in 2021: $4,815 Million

Jio is 10th of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. Jio is an Indian telecommunications company and a subsidiary of Reliance Industries, headquartered in Mumbai. It operates a national LTE network with coverage across all 22 telecom circles.

In January 2021, Jio Platforms announced two new initiatives, Jio Cloud and Jio News, to further its digital services offerings. Jio Cloud is a cloud storage service that offers users unlimited storage for their photos, videos, and documents. Jio News is a news aggregator app that gives users access to news from multiple publications in one place.

In February 2021, Jio announced the launch of its 5G service in India. The service will be available in select cities starting in March 2021.


9. HCL

HCL’s Valuation in 2021: $5,524 Million

HCL is 9th of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. HCL is an Indian multinational information technology company headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the largest IT companies in India with annual revenues of over US$8.9 billion and 121,640 employees across 42 countries. As of March 2021, HCL’s market capitalization stood at US$50.3 billion.

HCL was founded in the early 1970s by Shiv Nadar, a visionary who saw the potential of the nascent Indian IT industry and felt that Indian companies could compete with the best in the world. He started HCL as a small venture with just two computers and a team of four young engineers. Today, HCL is a publicly-listed company with over $8.9 billion in annual revenues and 121,640 employees across 42 countries.

In July 2019, HCL Technologies acquired select IBM software products for $1.8 billion to bolster its hybrid cloud, analytics, security and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. The acquisition included AppScan for secure application development, BigFix for endpoint management, Unica (on-premise) for marketing automation, Commerce (on-premise) for omni-channel eCommerce, PortalGuard for identity and access management (IAM), Notes & Domino for email and collaboration, Connections for social business networking and i2 Analytical Platform & Solutions for advanced analytics and counter-terrorism solutions.

In December 2020, HCL completed the acquisition of DWS Ltd., an Australian


8. Mahindra Group

Mahindra Group’s Valuation in 2021: $5,729 Million

Mahindra Group is 8th of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. Mahindra Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The group has a presence in over 100 countries and employs over 2.5 million people. It is one of the largest companies by revenue in India and has a market capitalization of over US$50 billion.

The group’s flagship company, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, is a leading player in the utility vehicles segment in India with a market share of over 50%. The company also has a significant presence in the tractor and two-wheeler segments. In addition to its automotive businesses, the group has interests in information technology, financial services, infrastructure, real estate and defense.

The group was founded by Jagdish Chandra Mahindra and Kailash Chandra Mahindra in 1945 as a steel trading company. Over the years, it has transformed into a diversified conglomerate with interests across sectors. The group’s journey from being a steel trading company to one of the most respected conglomerates has been driven by its focus on value creation for all stakeholders.

In 2021, the group acquired a majority stake in Ssangyong Motor Company, a South Korean SUV manufacturer. This will help the group enter new markets and expand its product portfolio. In addition, the group launched its electric vehicle subsidiary – Mahindra Electric – in 2021 and plans to sell EVs across all segments including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and two-wheelers.


7. State Bank Of India

SBI’s Valuation in 2021: $5,843 Million

SBI is 7th of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. State Bank Of India is the largest and oldest bank in India, with a history dating back to 1806. It is a state-owned enterprise with headquarters in Mumbai and branches all over the country. The bank has more than 16000 ATMs and over 4500 branches spread across the country. The bank has a customer base of over 500 million people.

The State Bank Of India is one of the most valuable brands in India, with a brand value of $13.1 billion. The bank has been consistently ranked among the top 10 most valuable brands in India for the past few years. In 2021, the bank was ranked 5th on the list of most valuable brands in India.

The State Bank Of India has seen a number of developments in recent years, including the launch of its first mobile banking app, SBI Buddy, in 2015. In 2016, the bank announced that it would be launching a new logo and rebranding itself as ‘SBI: The Bank for All’. In 2017, SBI launched its ‘innovate India’ campaign, which aims to promote digital banking and financial inclusion in India. Most recently, in 2018, SBI launched its ‘Yono’ digital banking platform, which offers a range of services such as mobile banking, payments, investments, and insurance.


6. Airtel

Airtel’s Valuation in 2021: $6,069 Million

Airtel is 6th of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. In 2021, Airtel was India’s most valuable and strongest brand, with a brand value of $15.9 billion. The Indian telecom giant has seen a remarkable journey since its inception in 1995 when it started as a joint venture between Tata Group and Telesonic of Singapore. Airtel was the first telecom service provider to launch mobile services in Delhi in 1996. Within a span of 10 years, Airtel had become the leading telecom service provider in India with a customer base of over 100 million.

Airtel has been at the forefront of many industry-first initiatives and has always strived to provide the best possible experience to its customers. Some of the noteworthy developments by Airtel in 2021 include:

• Launched India’s first 5G service in Kolkata

• Entered into strategic partnerships with leading global technology companies like Google and Microsoft to enhance its 5G capabilities

• Acquired spectrum in all 22 telecom circles across India for 5G rollout

• Announced investment of Rs 24,000 crore over three years to deploy cutting-edge network technologies like 5G, fiber and AI-powered platforms

• Became the first telco in India to offer eSIM on iPhone 12 series smartphones

Airtel’s journey over the past two decades is truly inspirational. The brand has come a long way from being a startup to becoming one of the most valuable brands in India.


5. HDFC Bank

HDFC Bank’s Valuation in 2021: $6,588 Million

HDFC Bank is 5th of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. HDFC Bank is one of India’s leading banks and was

Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021
Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021

recently named the world’s fourth most valuable brand. The bank has a strong presence in both rural and urban areas, with over 4,500 branches and 12,000 ATMs across the country. HDFC Bank offers a wide range of banking products and services, including savings and current accounts, credit cards, home loans, personal loans, car loans, and investment products. The bank also has a robust digital platform that offers mobile banking, online banking, and payment services.

In 2021, HDFC Bank continued to grow its customer base and reported strong financial results. The bank’s net profit rose by 22% to Rs 40,655 crore in the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2021. Total deposits grew by 18% to Rs 11 lakh crore while advances rose by 21% to Rs 8 lakh crore. HDFC Bank’s asset quality remained strong with gross non-performing assets (NPA) ratio at 1.37% and net NPA ratio at 0.4%. The provision coverage ratio stood at 79%.

HDFC Bank’s stock price has also been on an uptrend in recent months and hit a record high of Rs 2290 on May 10, 2021. The stock is currently trading at around Rs 2200 levels.


4. Reliance

Reliance’s Valuation in 2021: $8,138 Million

Reliance is 4th of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. Reliance Industries is an Indian conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mumbai. The company operates in various sectors including energy, petrochemicals, textiles, natural resources, retail, and telecommunications.

The company was founded by Dhirubhai Ambani in 1966 and is currently headed by his son Mukesh Ambani. As of 2021, Reliance Industries has a market capitalization of $159 billion making it the most valuable Indian brand.

In February 2021, Reliance Industries announced that it had agreed to sell a 20% stake in its digital unit Jio Platforms to Facebook for $5.7 billion. This was the latest in a series of high-profile investments made by Facebook into India’s booming digital economy.

Other recent developments for Reliance Industries include the launch of its 5G network in December 2020 and the acquisition of Kishore Biyani’s Future Retail in August 2020.


3. Infosys

Infosys’s Valuation in 2021: $8,402 Million

Infosys is 3rd of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. Infosys is an Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services. It has its headquarters in Bengaluru, India.

In March 2021, Infosys agreed to acquire Stater NV, a Dutch mortgage administration services provider, for €500 million. The acquisition is expected to help Infosys expand its footprint in the Netherlands and further strengthen its position as a leading provider of digital transformation services.

In January 2021, Infosys launched its new AI-powered platform, NiaGoldOne10X, which is designed to help businesses accelerate their digital transformations. The platform includes pre-built industry solutions and best practices that can be deployed quickly and easily.

NiaGoldOne10X is just one example of how Infosys is helping businesses harness the power of artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the competition. With more than 3,000 experts in AI and machine learning across 40 global centers, Infosys is well-positioned to help companies transform their operations and drive growth in the years ahead.


2. LIC

LIC’s Valuation in 2021: $8,655 Million

LIC is 2nd of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is an Indian state-owned insurance group and investment company headquartered in Mumbai. It is the largest life insurer in India with a market share of over 70% as of 2020. LIC also has a presence in 28 other countries across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

In 2021, LIC made several changes and developments, including:

-Launching a new online term plan called e-Term
-Partnering with Ola to offer life insurance products to drivers
-Introducing a new health insurance policy for senior citizens
-Starting a new micro-insurance scheme for small businesses
-Investing in several infrastructure projects across India

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1. TATA Group

Tata Group’s Valuation in 2021: $21,283 Million

TATA Group is 1st of Top 10 Most Valuable and Strongest Indian Brands in 2021. The Tata Group is an Indian multinational conglomerate headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Founded in 1868 by Jamsetji Tata, the company gained international recognition after acquiring several global companies, including Jaguar Land Rover, Corus Group, and Tetley.

In 2021, the Tata Group announced plans to invest $50 billion in the United States over the next 10 years. The investments will be focused on developing new technologies and products in areas such as electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, and 5G connectivity. The move is seen as a way to boost the company’s presence in the world’s largest economy and offset some of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on its business.


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