Top 10 Most Valuable Dairy Brands 2021

Top 10 Most Valuable Dairy Brands 2021

The dairy industry is worth billions of dollars, and it’s no surprise that some of the most valuable dairy brands are also some of the most recognizable names in the food industry. A recent report by Brand Finance has revealed the top 10 most valuable dairy brands in 2021. These brands have been ranked based on their brand value, which is calculated using a number of factors including brand strength, business performance, and investment potential. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 most valuable dairy brands in 2021.


10. Yakult

Yakult’s Valuation in 2021: $1,985 Million

Yakult Honsha, the Japanese parent company of Yakult, announced several new initiatives in 2021. The company plans to invest $250

Top 10 Most Valuable Dairy Brands 2021
Top 10 Most Valuable Dairy Brands 2021

million in a new yogurt production facility in South Carolina. This will be Yakult’s first yogurt production facility in the United States. The company also plans to launch a new line of probiotic-infused beverages called Yakult Probio Shots. These drinks will be available in three flavors: strawberry, blueberry, and peach.

Yakult Honsha also announced that it is partnering with the American Heart Association (AHA) to promote heart health. Under this partnership, Yakult will donate $1 for every specially marked bottle of Yakult sold in the United States to the AHA. The donation will go towards research and education about heart disease and stroke prevention.


9. President

President’s Valuation in 2021: $2,090 Million

As we move into 2021, there are a number of developments that have happened in the world of President dairy brands. Here is a rundown of the most valuable dairy brands and what has happened with them this year:

1. President has been acquired by Saputo Inc. This Canadian company is one of the largest dairy producers in the world and they have big plans for President. They are looking to grow the brand internationally and make it a leading player in the global dairy market.

2. President has launched a new line of organic dairy products. This includes milk, cheese, and yogurt which are all certified organic and made from hormone-free cows. The products are currently available in Canada and will be launched in the United States soon.

3. President has expanded its distribution network in China. The brand is now available in over 3,000 stores across China and is looking to continue growing its presence in this key market.

4. President has won numerous awards for its products this year. These include top honors at the World Cheese Awards, Canadian Cheese Grand Prix, and more. This recognition underscores the quality of President’s products and gives consumers even more reasons to choose them over other brands.


8. Almarai

Almarai’s Valuation in 2021: $2,203 Million

In 2021, Almarai continued its steady growth as one of the world’s most valuable dairy brands. The company saw a number of significant developments, including the launch of new products, expansion into new markets, and continued investment in research and development.

Almarai launched a number of new products in 2021, including a new line of infant formula and a range of probiotic yogurts. The company also expanded its presence in the Middle East with the opening of new distribution centers in Kuwait and Qatar. In addition, Almarai continued to invest heavily in research and development, with a focus on developing new ways to improve milk production and quality.

These developments have helped Almarai solidify its position as one of the leading dairy brands in the world. The company’s strong performance is expected to continue in the years ahead, as it continues to invest in innovation and expand into new markets.


7. Vinamilk

Vinamilk’s Valuation in 2021: $2,383

In 2021, Vinamilk continued to grow and expand its operations. The company opened new factories in Vietnam and China, and also acquired a majority stake in a leading dairy producer in the Philippines.

This expansion has allowed Vinamilk to increase its production capacity and reach more consumers in Southeast Asia. The company’s products are now available in over 20 countries.

Vinamilk has also continued to invest in research and development, with a focus on developing new products that meet the needs of health-conscious consumers. In particular, the company has launched several new plant-based milk products made from soy, almond, and coconut milk.

These developments have helped Vinamilk solidify its position as one of the most valuable dairy brands in the world.


6. Enfamil

Enfamil’s Valuation in 2021: $2,414

In 2021, Enfamil saw several developments that increased its value as a dairy brand. First, the company expanded its reach by partnering with Walmart to sell its products in over 2,000 stores across the United States. This partnership gave Enfamil exposure to a wider audience and helped increase sales. Second, Enfamil developed a new line of organic infant formulas that are free from synthetic growth hormones, GMOs, and pesticides. This move helped the company appeal to health-conscious parents and further solidified its position as a leading provider of high-quality infant formulas. Third, Enfamil launched a new marketing campaign that featured celebrity endorsements from actresses like Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner. This campaign helped increase awareness of the brand and boosted sales. fourth, Enfamil continued to invest in research and development in order to develop new products that meet the changing needs of parents and infants. These investments have paid off, as Enfamil is now one of the most trusted and respected brands in the dairy industry.


5. Amul

Amul’s Valuation in 2021: $3,133

In the year 2021, Amul made some great strides in terms of expanding its business and product offerings. First and foremost, the company launched a new line of dairy-based beverages called Amul Pro. This product line is designed to offer consumers a healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks and juices. In addition to launching Amul Pro, the company also debuted a range of dairy-free milk products made from almonds, soybeans, and coconuts. These new products are perfect for those who are lactose intolerant or simply looking for a dairy-free option. Finally, Amul expanded its reach into the online space by partnering with major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. This move will allow more consumers to purchase Amul products from the comfort of their own homes.


4. Arla

Arla’s Valuation in 2021: $3,139

In 2021, Arla Foods is set to continue its strong presence in the international dairy market. The company has been working hard to establish a foothold in new markets and to consolidate its position in existing ones. In the past year, Arla has made significant progress in both areas.

In terms of new markets, Arla Foods has entered into a joint venture with a leading Chinese dairy company. This will allow the company to sell its products in China for the first time. Arla is also planning to expand its operations in India and Brazil. In India, the company has acquired a majority stake in an Indian dairy company. This will give Arla a strong platform from which to grow its business in this important market. In Brazil, meanwhile, Arla is planning to build a new dairy factory. This will help the company meet the growing demand for its products in this rapidly expanding market.

In terms of consolidating its position in existing markets, Arla Foods has continued to invest heavily in advertising and promotion. This has helped the company maintain its position as one of the leading brands in the UK dairy market. Arla has also expanded its range of products available in supermarkets and other outlets. This has helped the company increase its share of the retail market for dairy products.

Overall, then, 2021 looks set to be another successful year for Arla Foods. The company is well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities in both new and existing markets


3. Mengniu

Mengniu’s Valuation in 2021: $4,788

In 2021, Mengniu continued to be one of the top most valuable dairy brands in the world. The brand experienced several developments, including a new product launch, expansion into new markets, and continued success in China.

Mengniu first made headlines in February when it launched a new line of almond milk products. The move was seen as a direct response to competitor brands like Almond Breeze, which had been growing in popularity in recent years. Mengniu’s almond milk products are now available in three flavors: original, chocolate, and vanilla.

In March, Mengniu expanded its reach into new markets by launching products in Indonesia and Malaysia. This is the first time the brand has been available outside of China. Its products are now sold in over 20 countries around the world.

Mengniu’s success in China has been fueled by its aggressive marketing campaigns and innovative products. In May, the company launched a new yogurt drink that contains probiotics and is said to help with digestion. The yogurt drink is currently only available in China but is expected to be rolled out to other markets soon.

Looking ahead, Mengniu is poised for continued growth and success. With its strong presence in China and expanding global reach, the brand is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for dairy products around the world.


2. Danone

Danone’s Valuation in 2021: $8,206

In 2021, Danone continued to experience strong growth, driven by its focus on healthy and sustainable products. The company acquired several new brands, including YoCrunch, a yogurt brand with a strong presence in the US market. It also launched several new products, including dairy-free yogurts and plant-based milk. In addition, Danone expanded its reach into new markets, such as Asia and Africa.

Must Read:

1. Yili

Yili’s Valuation in 2021: $9,591

In 2021, Yili Group continued to deepen its internationalization strategy. In January, Yili Group and French dairy giant Danone formed a comprehensive strategic partnership. The two sides will cooperate in the fields of fresh milk, ice cream, yogurt, baby food and plant-based products. In March, Yili acquired a 51% stake in Australian dairy company Bellamy’s Australia. The move will help Yili to enter the premium infant formula market and expand its footprint in the Asia-Pacific region.

In addition, Yili also made progress in terms of product development. In February, Yili launched a new type of yogurt drink made with oat milk. This is the first time that oat milk has been used as an ingredient in yogurt in China. Oat milk is a popular plant-based milk alternative that is rich in fiber and antioxidants. The launch of this new product demonstrates Yili’s commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of consumers for healthy and delicious products.


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