June 17, 2024
Top 10 Test-Cricket All-rounders in the world of all time

Top 10 Test-Cricket All-rounders in the World of All Time

Step into the realm of Test cricket’s glorious history and explore the unparalleled talent of the world’s finest all-rounders. Our comprehensive list reveals the top 10 test-cricket all-rounders of all time, showcasing their remarkable contributions with both bat and ball. From thrilling performances that shaped cricketing legacies to game-changing moments etched in the annals of sports history, these extraordinary players mesmerized fans around the globe with their versatile skills. Delve into the captivating stories and statistics that define their exceptional careers and discover the names that truly epitomize the essence of test-cricket all-rounders.

Garfield Sobers

Rating : 669

Garfield Sobers​

Ian Botham

Rating : 645

Ian Botham​

Jacques Kallis

Rating : 615

Jacques Kallis​

Keith Miller

Rating : 572

Keith Miller_

Richie Benaud

Rating : 532

Richie Benaud

Imran Khan

Rating : 517

Imran Khan​

Tony Greig

Rating : 508

Tony Greig

Andrew Flintoff

Rating : 501

Andrew Flintoff​

Aubrey Faulkner

Rating : 501

Aubrey Faulkner

Chris Cairns

Rating : 500

Chris Cairns​

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